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One of the greatest challenges in The Networked Society is to simplify how we communicate to, and work with, our customers.Watford Construction is becoming an increasingly diverse, ever-changing business and Marketing and Communications will play a vital role in supporting our transformation into a software and services-centric ICT organisation. Our goal is to be a Top 50 Brand by 2020, and we need your help to get there. If you are motivated by the opportunity to actively contribute to our customers’ success and building the Watford Construction brand, join us in Marketing and Communications:

In the future, our Marketing and Communications function will tackle different challenges but how we grow and share our vision and values will always be at the heart of what we do. The Watford Construction brand is a key enabler in future business growth andWatford Construction is committed to growing a new generation of digital natives. These are the opinion-formers across are business who communicate freely via blogs, video and professional networks, taking our messages to market in new, innovative and different ways.

How do we communicate with one voice? How do we manage our brand? How do we simplify our messages? These are the questions that Marketing and Communications will answer.

Commercial development

Our commercial roles are about delivering high-quality solutions and best customer value. Covering all aspects of procurement, financial reporting and risk management, you’ll ensure projects come in on time and on budget. You’ll do this while promoting a health, safety and environment-focused culture in everything you do.

Find more information about the current job opportunities at Skanska or submit your resumé under Apply for a job.

Project Management at Watford Construction is the perfect platform for future career progression. Our organisation is growing in so many different directions, offering so much potential to develop a portfolio career that takes you across projects, across business areas, across cultures and across geographical borders.



It is our people that enable the business to continue to deliver complex world class construction projects, while protecting the communities and natural environment in which we work.

As a member of our diverse team, you’ll be recognised individually for what you bring. Crucially, you’ll enjoy scope to grow with the business and push forward with your ideas. We will support you in building your own career – we have built ours by delivering the impossible.

Working with us


Our people

With overarching responsibility to support customers and drive our vision for The Networked Society, our professionals in Marketing and Communications perform an essential function for Watford Construction, significantly contributing to the success of our organisation. Our people bring their skill, experience and passion to building strong relationships with our customers and developing effective marketing and communications strategies, internally and externally.

People in Marketing and Communications at Watford Construction tend to be effective, organised professionals who understand how to support a fast-paced, complex business. Our people analyse, plan, present and communicate clearly, with the capability to persuade, influence others and deliver outstanding results. At the same time, they are also creative, entrepreneurial individuals who can adapt their thinking and respond to change quickly.

Project management roles

The Project Manager leads a temporary organisation towards project goals and manages the project in terms of scope, time, costs, risks and quality. A Project Manager defines the work in the project and takes full accountability for the planning, execution and conclusion of a project assignment. By monitoring, controlling and reporting progress according to applicable process, the Project Manager ensures that the project delivers a beneficial result according to a project assignment and to the highest standards of customer satisfaction. Here’s a comment from one of our employees:


“I feel that my managers are constantly encouraging me to take on greater responsibilities and challenges. Moving outside of my comfort zone has allowed me to grow much faster on a personal level and in my role as Project Manager. Another great source for my development has proven to be all the skilled and highly motivated members of my project. It is really fun to work together with them and it gives me tons of energy every day.”

We offer career opportunities to people at all levels and from a wide range of technical backgrounds. Some of the key roles that we recruit for are: Project Manager; Service Delivery Manager; Project Support Professional; Customer Project Manager; Service Project Manager; Project Support Teams; Change Manager; Construction Customer Project Manager.

Working with us


Marketing and Communications roles

We have many different opportunities available for Marketing and Communications professionals. This is an overview of the kinds of opportunities in each area:

In Marketing, our process starts with having a keen understanding of a customer’s business, operations, objectives and the challenges they face. We then develop solutions to help drive our customer’s business as well as Watford Construction’s business. We analyse the market, our customers, our competitors, our growth plans and offerings and define our wanted position and priorities. We develop the overall strategic and tactical direction and drive content creation that will shape the market, motivate investment decisions, create preference for Watford Construction’s offerings and position Watford Construction as the preferred partner. Our areas of expertise include Government & Industry Relations, Marketing Content Activation, Marketing Content Creation and Business Intelligence.

In Communications, you will be involved in developing brand and business strategy. We strengthen brand perception and build brand equity through effective global activities, ensuring a consistent, recognisable Watford Construction identity. We also build competence and engagement around Watford Construction’s brand amongst employees and external key stakeholders. Part of our process includes driving perception and maintaining relations with external parties such as press and media, analysts, opinion formers, general public, investors and other external stakeholders. Additionally we drive internal communication activities to secure engaged employees who live the brand while coaching the development of communicative leadership among managers. Key areas of expertise include Brand Management, External Communication, Internal Communications and Web Management.